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Swiss Smile

Swiss Smile



Have a great start to the day: the exclusive formula of swiss smile Whitening Toothpaste brightens your teeth without harming their surfaces. It supports and prolongs the effect of a professional whitening treatment – helping the teeth re-tain their natural whiteness and preventing unsightly deposits and discolouration. Start your day with a toothpaste that delivers double whitening power without harsh abrasives or bleach. Dental beauty has never been so simple.


The combination of special active ingredients makes swiss smile Whitening Toothpaste so effective. Triclosan, baking soda and pentasodium triphosphate brighten the teeth, remove stains and delay with their long-term effect the forming of new deposits. Whitening Toothpaste has long-lasting anti-bacterial properties and protects from tooth decay thanks to its optimal sodium fluoride content of 1099 ppm.


According to a comparative in vitro clinical trial by the University of Bristol, swiss smile Whitening Toothpaste removes tooth discolouration up to 200 percent more efficiently that comparable commercial toothpastes. It is scientifically proven that swiss smile Whitening Toothpaste visibly brightens the teeth and helps them regain their natural colour.


swiss smile Whitening Toothpaste has an average dentin abrasive value (RDA) of 90 and is recommended for daily use in the morning to achieve natural, gentle tooth whitening. Used in combination with the swiss smile Whitening Toothbrush, it prolongs the effect of a professional whitening treatment and can also be used on dental implants, inlays or crowns.



swiss smile Waxed Dental Tape combines the benefits of dental floss and dental tape. When in use, the fibres fan out slightly, ensuring a highly effective yet gentle cleaning action. The Waxed Dental Tape has a refreshingly strong minty flavour and its dark colour makes plaque immediately visible – motivating both beginners as well as flossing experts. Dental beauty has never been so complete.


Created to complement the swiss smile Dental Beauty Care product range, the Waxed Dental Tape has a special multi-filament structure. Its ability to fan out gently after being inserted into the interdental spaces is made possible by the CUREN® fibres. Unlike nylon, which is often used for dental floss, CUREN® does not swell on contact with water. swiss smile Waxed Dental Tape keeps its thin shape, allowing it to access and efficiently clean narrow interdental areas.


Unlike regular dental floss, swiss smile Waxed Dental Tape does not slip from the fingers or cut into the fingertips, and slides easily into the spaces between the teeth. Its dark colour is both aesthetically pleasing and functional: black lends it a stylish appearance and at the same time provides visible proof of cleaning power.


swiss smile Waxed Dental Tape is tear resistant, making it particularly easy for flossing beginners to use. It is intended for daily use, protects the gums, leaves a refreshingly strong minty flavour and complements the cleaning performance of the swiss smile toothpastes and toothbrushes. We recommend its use if you suffer from general gum discomfort, irritation, inflammation or have closely-spaced teeth. A proper cleaning technique is important. Each product package contains a usage recommendation. The dental professionals at the swiss smile clinics are happy to explain to you the correct application of our products.

Pearl Shine

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A touch of mother-of-pearl: swiss smile Whitening & Repair Dental Conditioner perfectly complements the swiss smile Dental Beauty Care range. Pure, extra-white micro-crystals extracted from mother-of-pearl sea shells visibly brighten the teeth to a healthy pearly shine. And that’s not all: damaged tooth surfaces are repaired, impurities removed and the remineralising and recalcifying effect ensures teeth are protected from harmful environmental influences. Dental beauty has never been so unique.


Highly concentrated, medically pure ultra-white hydroxyapatite is extracted from mother-of-pearl sea shells using a patented technology. The resulting micro-crystals have a strong attraction to impurities and prevent plaque. Compatible in structure with dental tissue, they adhere seamlessly to and help repair affected or exposed surfaces, and are scientifically proven to repair micro-fine damages and smooth tooth surfaces. A protective layer encloses the internal, pain sensitive dentin.


Tooth enamel, the hardest substance in the human body, consists of 97 percent crystalline calcium phosphate hydroxyapatite. Despite its hardness, tooth enamel is prone to micro-damages, caused for instance by poor brushing techniques, contact with acidic substances or after a dental bleaching procedure. The micro-crystals in our Whitening & Repair Dental Conditioner restore damaged tooth surfaces after just a few applications and prevent coffee or wine stains. Swiss smile Whitening Repair and Dental Conditioner also combats tooth decay with fluoride, xylitol and green tea extracts. Allantoin has anti-inflammatory properties.


swiss smile Whitening & Repair Dental Conditioner was developed for daily use: in the morning after cleaning or throughout the day by spraying directly into the mouth, leaving for 20 seconds and spitting out. Do not rinse with water. Recommended for use on sensitive teeth, receding gums and for aftercare or to prolong the effect of a professional whitening treatment (in combination with swiss smile Whitening Toothpaste).

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