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Monday, 23 February 2015 14:16 Published in Glov Written by

What is GLOV Hydro Demaquillage?

Here comes the time of revolutionary make-up removal! It saves your precious minutes with subtle care and power of advanced micro-technology.

GLOV Hydro Demaquillage makes the most of water capacities, in order to remove all the make-up.
Delicate fibers take away your make-up and deeply cleanse the skin surface, while maintaining the natural hydro-lipid barrier. Glov Hydeo Demquillage leaves your skin pure and soft. It also smoothes the skin and gives you a matt effect.

Designed to easily remove even strong eye make-up.

GLOV comfort makes your life much easier – thanks to “4 corner system” that help to gently dissolve all traces of make-up.
Designed to meet the growing demands of contemporary women, it performs greatly within the whole eye area, creating a sence of freshness.
GLOV comfort demonstrates nature's latest discoveries, offering you the benefit of the easiest solutions.
All you need is water and your GLOV comfort.

Removes make-up wherever you need it!

GLOVE on-the-go makes your life much easier - whenever you need to look glamorous or simply cleanse your skin.
Designed to meet the needs of contemporary the woman, it performs great as a travelling accessory or as a secret ally in your daily routine.
Take your GLOVE on-the-go anywhere you go, experience the benefits of the latest solutions. All you need is water and your GLOVE on-the-go .

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