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When launched in 2002, the GoodKnight series completely changed OSA patient treatment.

The GoodKnight range is the first lightweight and handhelp PAP device on the market. The advanced features such as automatic leakage and altitude compensation and the small power supply make the GoodKnight units equally effective for home, hospital or sleep lab and suitable for use almost anywhere in the world without specific adaptation.

Device types

The GoodKnight™ range is available in 3 CPAP and 2 Bilevel models. Basic CPAP and CPAP with recording capabilities, Auto, Bilevel and Bilevel ST devices offer multiple options in the treatment of the Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) patients.

GoodKnight™ humidification

The GoodKnight™ H2O humidifier is an option, compatible with all GoodKnight™ range devices. Humid Control, automatically compensates the changes in ambient room temperature for an efficient and stable humidification overnight.  

The GoodKnight™ H2O humidifier offers an easy and simple humidification concept. The fully accessible water chamber allows the easy cleaning, thus preventing any water trapping and minimizing the risk of cross-contamination. The Humid Control algorithm maintains a stable humidification rate overnight, compensating for all changes in ambient room temperature, thus minimizing the water condensation in patient circuit and mask.


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EcoStar has been developed for patients who are looking for high performance and simplicity in their CPAP therapy.

Our experience led us to a concept combining SEFAM technologies and the tried & tested GoodKnight design. The French manufacture of EcoStar guarantees optimum quality and an efficient treatment of sleep disorders.


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The DreamStarTM series is our latest development in relation to Sleep Respiratory Disorders and Chronic Respiratory Insufficiency treatment devices.

The DreamSar range consists of 5 differents device types. Basic CPAP and premium, Auto CPAP, Bilevel and Bilevel with backup rate setting are designed to address to different patient, settings and data recording requirements.

Performances of the CPAP DreamStar™ range

Noiseless & effective

The innovative design of the turbine provide a top performance of 180 lpm at 20 cmH2O which is by far superior to the market average, ensuring pressure and flow stability especially under leakage conditions.

The turbine box ensures that this top performing turbine will only generate 26 dBA for the CPAP/Auto CPAP and 27 dBA for the Bilevel, making the DreamStar™ range one of quietest high performance devices in the market.

Performance & comfort

The maximum flow output of 180 lpm at 20 cmH2O makes the DreamStar™ turbine 20-40 % more powerful than the turbines currently in the market, ensuring that the needed pressure will be delivered with no compromise.

The improved design of the turbine box guarantees a smooth and quiet therapy, 10 % quieter than the market average of 30 dBA.

New design features

The elegant design makes the devices harmonize the average house decor with a less obviously medical look. The vertical screen positioning along with back lighting, make it easier to view the menu.

The big illuminated buttons ensure fast and intuitive device operation. The water resistant screen and button design make the device easy and safe to clean.

Compact design

The fully integrated power supply and humidification system give the DreamStar™ range the smallest possible footprint. The all-in-one compact design allows a simple operation with no extra cables or components.

The overall weight of 1,5kg allows therapy to be continued, even while travelling. What is more, the universal 100-240 VAC and 13 VDC power supply ensure that the device can be operated in different countries and under various conditions e.g. in a caravan).


All DreamStar™ devices have a standard configuration with cold pass-over humidifier and the Evolve configuration with an integrated heated humidifier. The Evolve configuration may be used either with a water reservoir for humidification or by replacing the water reservoir with a lid.


State-of-the-art technology and the advanced algorithms ensure a smooth, comfortable and efficient PAP therapy.

Comfort Calibration Plus

Comfort calibration (CC+) function optimizes patient comfort CPAP or Auto- CPAP mode.
This is achieved by adjusting the supplied pressure to the patient's breathing cycle without compromising the effectiveness of the delivered treatment. This technology, based on the principles of auto calibration function, may increase the pressure on inhalation and lower the pressure during exhalation.  
These variations naturally adapt to the patient's respiratory cycles.

Auto Calibration

Auto calibration optimizes the device's performance for every combination of mask and patient circuit.
This feature compensates the dynamic resistance, built up due to different types of masks and patient tubes. The result is that the prescribed pressure is actually delivered in patient's mask making the DreamStar™ compatible with almost any combination of mask and patient circuit of 22mm or 15mm diameter.

DreamStar™ Water & Humid Control technology

The innovative design of the "DreamStar™ Water Control" water reservoir and the automatic humidification system "Humid Control+" offer a new concept in water management.
This prevents the risk of water return flow to the apparatus and minimizes water condensation in the patient circuit, thus maintaining a stable level of humidification overnight despite changes in ambient room temperature and patient's average flow rate.
The design of the water reservoir promotes hygiene by preventing any water trapping and easy access for cleaning.

DreamStar™ water reservoir

The DreamStar™ water reservoir no longer allows any movement of the gasket, made from medical grade silicone, as it is attached to the tank, ensuring a complete seal with the tank as well as with the "DreamStar™ Water Control" inner tube system.
The simplified handling and maintenance of this new reservoir assures enhanced reliability and better hygiene.
This reservoir is fully compatible with the DreamStar™ Evolve devices already on the market. This concept adds maintenance simplicity to comfort and optimal efficiency when using DreamStar™ Evolve devices.

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