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A bite registration material based on silicone-based security in the new cartridge system, firm, flowing only under pressure, very easy to machine due to high hardness and beschneidbar (Shore A 85 -90) dimensionally stable. Color: Yellow Mint flavor Setting time: Processing time: 30 sec Setting time: 60 sec Indication: Durable,…
Mixer compatible with all common 5:1 full size cartridges and tubular bag systems. Features: Dual speed: fast for high viscosity type material, such as betasil® VARIO PUTTY SOFT 5:1, Aqium 3D PUTTY SOFT / HEAVY; slow for lower viscosity type material, such as betasil® VARIO IMPLANT 5:1. Quick and simple…
Ready-to-use solution for gentle cleaning of surfaces and instruments. For removal of alginate, cement and zinc-eugenol particles, as well as remnants of impression compounds. Mixture of natural pressed peel orange. REF 701000030    500 ml bottle
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