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The Siaretron 1000 IPER is the unique electronic lung ventilator designed for use in for hyperbaric chamber.

After 20 years of proven experience in respiratory treatment of patients in hyperbaric chamber at a depth from 0 up to 60 meters, the Siaretron 1000 Iper arrived to the 5th generation.

Automatic compensation of the tidal volume with a maximum flow of 240 l/min. It is suitable for treatment of adult, paediatric and neonatal patients thanks to a tidal volume adjustable from 2 to 3000 ml, PEEP adjustable up to 50 cmH2O and Flow By with leakage compensation.

Flow Trigger at high sensitivity to reduce the patient effort and facilitate the CO2 discharge. New 9" TFT LED display showing up to five graphs simultaneously. Small dimensions and light weight, with a new hermetic built-in battery.

The big novelty of new Siaretron 1000 Iper is the premixed Heliox compatibility and comprehensive video monitoring.

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