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These are compatible with all reconstruction materials. FKG offers matrixes of different sizes and thicknesses as well as perforated matrixes and matrix bands.


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Obturation allows prevention of any recontamination while sealing the canal system three-dimensionally to ensure sustained impermeability. There are a number of filling techniques. FKG offers solutions for the two most widely used types of condensation, that are lateral and vertical.

Canal shaping is achieved by removing the maximum amount of organic and mineral substance. It should allow irrigation solutions to reach the apical part of the canal so as to remove micro-organisms and pulp debris. This should also favour the obturation and watertight sealing of the root canal.

Glide path

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After opening the cavity access, localising and widening the canal entrance, the canal can be penetrated with Steel or NiTi, manual or rotary files to allow probing and debridement of the canal.

The opening stage of the tooth is paramount. The occlusal part must be hollowed out and, working progressively downward, the entire pulp tissue must be removed to clear entrance to the canals. This procedure should be minimally invasive to spare dental tissue and to avoid weaken the crown.


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Rooter, light up your work

Rooter, the new reference when it comes to high-quality motors, developed by FKG, will revolutionise endodontics. The motor offers an impressive range of technical innovations, all designed to enable work in the most comfortable of conditions even during complex operations

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