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Babies and infants

CURAPROX baby products help parents to get their children used to regularly brushing without the tears. The CURAbaby teething ring and CURAkid toothbrush are perfect yet gentle tools to use with a baby and toddler making dental care both fun and enjoyable. Having a more playful approach to oral hygiene at a young age ensures that milk teeth and in turn subsequent adult teeth get the very best start in life. Milk teeth are the placeholders for subsequent adult teeth and support the development of speech as well as of the jaw and face. A lot of damage can be prevented with the correct, gentle products. The need for orthodontic treatment in teenagers is often caused by using the wrong pacifier in early years. CURAPROX works with experts to ensure that babies get the gentlest oral care right from the very start.

CURAPROX for babies and infants - Also pacifies parents

Also pacifies parents


Healthy teeth – right from the start. Our patented pacifier helps prevent misalignment of the bite and jaw deformation which can be caused by standard pacifiers. Our teething ring even has an integral rattle and massage toothbrush preparing babies mouths for their very own first toothbrush. And our CURAkid toothbrush is the next step once little teeth begin to appear. It is ultrasoft and exceptionally gentle – ensuring effective preventive care, right from the start.


CURAPROX for babies and infants - Avoiding braces

Avoiding braces


There is no better way to avoid long-term consequences and irregularities such as crossbite, forced bite or retrusive occlusion – except for dispensing with a pacifier altogether. This is not always an option so the special shape of a CURAPROX pacifier means that you can safely leave your child to suck. Developed by orthodontic specialist Dr Herbert Pick.


CURAPROX for babies and infants - Too much pressure is harmful

Too much pressure is harmful


Standard pacifiers often result in occlusions and jaw deformation: they exert strong pressure on the roof of the mouth. This pressure is intensified by the vacuum created by suction. With a CURAPROX pacifier, the roof of the mouth develops without any pressure and no vacuum is created.

Picture 1: Standard pacifier that causes cross bite or protruding teeth and jaw deformations.

Picture 2: CURAPROX pacifier ensuring sucking without pressure: the best conditions for the ideal, natural development of jaw and teeth.

Picture 3: “My son was a heavy pacifier user and developed a crossbite. This was all the motivation I needed to develop this pacifier.” Dr. med. dent. Herbert Pick


CURAPROX for babies and infants - Features of the CMP pacifier

Features of the CMP pacifier


  • Side “wings” prevent pressure on the roof of the mouth – and a crossbite developing
  • The shield of pure silicone projects away from the lower jaw. This favours the natural development of the lip muscles and the lower jaw – and prevents retrusive occlusion
  • High-quality silicone is used for CURAPROX pacifiers. Soft and gentle – with particularly soft edging – it prevents any injuries
  • The air holes ensure the skin is ideally ventilated – to protect against irritation and eczema


CURAPROX for babies and infants - Arouses curiosity and soothes pain

Arouses curiosity and soothes pain


Our CURAbaby teething ring with massage toothbrush and rattle soothes teething pains and discomfort without the need for analgesics. In addition, their oral-tactile, visual and acoustic stimuli promote the development of innate curiosity and can be used safely from 8 weeks old. Our massaging and learning toothbrushes prepare infants for the follow-up CURAkid toothbrush. Developed in cooperation with Dr med. dent. Nadia-Marina Kellerhoff at the University of Berne, Switzerland. This is the CURAbaby teething ring:

  • Rattle with coloured balls to help keep interest and develop hand to eye coordination
  • Gripping, feeling, seeing and hearing: varied surfaces in varying degrees of hardness
  • A baby discovers exciting surface structures with tongue and palate
  • Massaging and learning toothbrush: its stimulating elements prepare a child for its first toothbrush
  • Made from materials that are biocompatible and resistant to saliva, breaking and biting
  • Infants love CURAbaby for its exciting surfaces, materials and sounds


CURAPROX for babies and infants - Gentle and playful when the first tooth appears

Gentle and playful when the first tooth appears


At last, babies and toddlers are able to enjoy having their teeth cleaned once their first tooth appears. Using our unique CUREN® filaments little ones are assured a happy and gentle approach to their daily brushing alongside a damage free experience to the delicate oral mucosa. The CURAkid brush head is also very narrow and protected by a soft plastic covering so that nothing in the mouth can be hurt. The CURAkid toothbrush has been developed in collaboration with Prof. Dr. med. dent. Adrian Lussi and Dr. med. dent. Nadia-Marina Kellerhoff at the University of Berne. This is the CURAkid CK 4260 super soft toothbrush:

  • Extra-narrow brush head
  • Protective plastic coating to prevent injuries to the oral mucosae
  • 4,260 CUREN® filaments, 0.1 mm in diameter
  • Rounded handle without a thumb depression prevents excessive pressure
  • Supporting base
  • Developed in cooperation with the University of Berne, Switzerland


CURAPROX for babies and infants - For princes and princesses: Sensitive Young

For princes and princesses: Sensitive Young


This is a tried-and-tested older childs toothbrush. It has an especially small brush head so that all parts of the mouth are easy to reach, as well as a short neck to make it easy to handle and of course our very own soft and effective CUREN® filaments.

  • Small head and short neck: perfect for a child’s mouth
  • Tried-and-tested handle for safe use
  • 2,640 CUREN® filaments, 0.12 mm in diameter.


CURAPROX for babies and infants - Perfect for children, too: the ATA

Perfect for children, too: the ATA


Piling on the pressure when brushing the teeth is almost impossible. Why? The round handle has no thumb depression and motivates holding with the fingers alone. It is almost impossible to hold the brush in a fist and this helps to keep pressure to a minimum. This makes an ATA the ideal learning toothbrush on the way from a CS 5460 ultra soft to a CS single: brushing each tooth individually is trained, as is dealing with soft bristles without pressure. Excellent as a child’s toothbrush. The ATA 2012 was selected as “children’s toothbrush of the year” in the Czech Republic.

  • Specially small, reversed head
  • 4,200 CUREN® filaments, 0.1 mm diameter
  • Rounded handle with no thumb depression to exclude excessive pressure
  • Developed in cooperation with the University of Berne, Switzerland

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