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Stools C9

A complete solution

Looking for ergonomic operating solutions without taking into account the importance of the dentist’s stool means ignoring a key factor and neglecting the significant role played by the stool in the dentists’ every working day
The purpose of the stool is to provide dentists with proper anatomical support while providing freedom of movement. Being able to move according to the needs of the required treatment - and for its entire duration - is indispensible.
The new C9 stool meets the essential requisites of comfort, ergonomics and hygiene, assuring wellbeing, practicality and safety.

Perfectly positioned

With the C9 stool, a correct working position is maintained intuitively and naturally. Working in complete comfort considerably reduces the tensions caused by prolonged treatment sessions and enhances the dentist’s capacity for work. The result is a sensation of wellbeing and renewed energy.

Ideal posture

The rules of ergonomic sitting demand that:
- the angle between thigh and calf be 110° or more
- the back be supported at the level of the lumbar vertebrae
- the eye-hand gap be between 35 and 40 cm
- forward head tilt be no greater than 25°

Free to move

The C9 stool follows the natural movement of the human body to provide constantly correct, interference-free support.
The anatomic backrest dynamically sustains the lumbar region by following the movements of the torso via a spring-operated compensation system and by offering calibrated support to maintain correct posture of the bust during treatment.

Beneficial effects

An exclusive seat adjustment system * allows for progressive downward tilt of its frontal zone while keeping the rear zone horizontal.
This feature provides benefits in terms of comfort, stability and, above all, a resultant position that is anatomically correct: the bones of the pelvis rest on the horizontal section while the undersides of the thighs are relieved of strenuous compression.
All this means better circulation through the pelvic area and lower limbs, enhancing energy and efficiency.

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